From The Big Screen To The Boardroom

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Did you know these famous actors are also successful entrepreneurs?

Welcome to a riveting dive into the glamorously diverse world of Hollywood, where the term ‘multi-talented’ takes on a whole new dimension.

Today, we journey beyond the glitz and gloss of red carpets, transcending the iconic dialogues and heart-wrenching performances we know and love. We’re setting our sights on a lesser-known facet of our beloved silver screen stalwarts—their entrepreneurial prowess.

From bustling restaurant chains, to innovative tech startups and sustainable clothing lines, join us as we venture into the fascinating world of businesses owned by actors. These establishments not only speak to their extraordinary versatility but also to their profound passions and ambitions outside the cinematic universe.

Let’s embark on this intriguing exploration, a testament to how these individuals are not merely artists, but inspiring moguls who continue to redefine the boundaries of their talents.


Jessica Alba – The Honest Company

The Honest Company is a consumer goods business co-founded by American actress Jessica Alba in 2012. The brand is known for its dedication to creating safe, effective, and non-toxic products for babies, personal care, cleaning, and beauty.

The inspiration for Honest Company came from Alba’s own experiences as a new mother when she had a hard time finding products that were both safe for her child and effective. This led her to establish a brand with a strict “No List” that outlines over 2,500 chemicals and materials they promise never to use in their products, ranging from common allergens to artificial dyes. 

Gwyneth Paltrow – goop

Goop is a wellness and lifestyle brand launched by Academy Award-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow in 2008. Initially started as a weekly newsletter offering new-age health advice, recipes, and product recommendations, Goop has since evolved into a significant enterprise encompassing e-commerce, pop-up shops, wellness summits, a podcast, a print magazine, and a Netflix series titled “The Goop Lab.”

The brand is famous (and sometimes infamous) for its advocacy of unconventional and holistic health treatments, upscale product offerings, and general wellness advice. The product line includes everything from dietary supplements and skincare to fashion, home goods, and even high-end wellness experiences.

Ryan Reynolds – Aviation American Gin

Aviation American Gin, hailing from the Pacific Northwest, is an American-style gin brand that was co-owned by none other than Ryan Reynolds, the charismatic actor best known for his role in the Deadpool franchise. Although Reynolds sold his stake to Diageo in 2020, he remains actively involved in the brand’s promotion and marketing campaigns.

Aviation was initially launched in 2006 by House Spirits Distillery in Portland, Oregon. The brand prides itself on its unique botanical mix and a ‘Democratic’ approach to gin production. Unlike traditional London dry gins that emphasize the juniper berry flavor, Aviation American Gin uses a blend of botanicals, including juniper, cardamom, lavender, sarsaparilla, coriander, anise seed, and dried orange peel. The result is a smoother, more approachable gin, appealing to both gin enthusiasts and newcomers alike.


Mark Wahlberg – Wahlburgers

Wahlburgers is a casual dining restaurant and bar chain that was founded by chef Paul Wahlberg in partnership with his brothers, actor and singer Donnie Wahlberg and actor Mark Wahlberg. The first restaurant opened in Hingham, Massachusetts, in 2011, and since then, the franchise has grown significantly with locations across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

The Wahlberg family’s sense of humor, dynamic interpersonal relationships, and a shared love of good food form the heart and soul of Wahlburgers. The menu, inspired by recipes from the Wahlberg family kitchen, offers a variety of fresh burgers, sandwiches, salads, and vegetarian options. They also have a full bar featuring an impressive selection of beer, wine, and cocktails.

Drew Barrymore – Flower Beauty

Flower Beauty is a cosmetics brand founded by award-winning actress and producer Drew Barrymore in 2013. Built upon the philosophy that women everywhere deserve the best quality, most efficacious products at an affordable price, Flower Beauty offers a full range of makeup and beauty products that are cruelty-free.

Barrymore’s deep passion for makeup and years of experience in the beauty industry influenced the creation of Flower Beauty. The brand strives to empower its customers by creating products that make them feel beautiful and confident. From luxurious lip colors and innovative complexion formulas to bold eye makeup and inspiring fragrances, Flower Beauty encompasses a wide spectrum of beauty needs.


Ashton Kutcher – A-Grade Investments

A-Grade Investments is a venture capital fund co-founded in 2010 by actor and entrepreneur Ashton Kutcher, entertainment manager Guy Oseary, and billionaire investor Ron Burkle. The fund has made a name for itself by investing in a number of successful startups at their early stages, leveraging the founders’ keen eye for spotting potentially disruptive businesses.

Some of the companies in A-Grade Investments’ portfolio have become household names, such as Uber, Airbnb, Spotify, and Soundcloud. By providing early funding to these then-emerging companies, A-Grade Investments has been able to reap significant returns as these startups have grown into global brands.


Leonardo DiCaprio – Appian Way Productions

Appian Way Productions is a film and television production company founded by Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio in 2004. The company’s name is a reference to the historic Roman road of the same name, signaling a pathway towards significant and influential works of art.

Since its inception, Appian Way Productions has been involved in producing a wide array of critically acclaimed films. From powerful dramas like “The Aviator,” “Shutter Island,” and “The Wolf of Wall Street,” to stirring documentaries such as “The 11th Hour,” and “Before the Flood,” the company’s productions often reflect DiCaprio’s diverse acting choices and his passionate advocacy for environmental issues.


Reese Witherspoon – Draper James

Draper James is a Southern-inspired retail brand that exudes the charm and grace synonymous with its founder, Academy Award-winning actress Reese Witherspoon. Launched in 2015, the company is named after Witherspoon’s grandparents, Dorothea Draper and William James Witherspoon, as a heartfelt tribute to their significant influence on her life.

With a mission to bring contemporary, yet timeless Southern style to everyone, Draper James offers a wide range of products, including clothing, accessories, and home decor items. The products are designed to embody Witherspoon’s Southern upbringing and represent the hospitality, kindness, and charm of the Southern culture.

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