Red Rocket (2021)

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A Fizzle in the World of Indie Cinema


Release date: 14 July 2021
Genre: Drama/Black Comedy
Director: Sean Baker
Cinematographer: Drew Daniels
Budget: $1.1 million USD
Box office: $2.3 million USD

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“Red Rocket” (2021) is a deeply disappointing and morally bankrupt film that fails to deliver on its promises. Directed by Sean Baker, this dark comedy falls flat with its shallow characters, aimless plot, and exploitative themes.


Performance feels one-note

Simon Rex’s portrayal of Mikey Saber, a former porn star seeking redemption, lacks depth and nuance. His performance feels one-note and lacks the charisma necessary to make the character engaging. The supporting cast is equally uninspiring, with forgettable performances that fail to leave a lasting impression.


Little substance

Baker’s screenplay is a mishmash of disjointed scenes and repetitive dialogue that adds little substance to the story. The film meanders aimlessly, lacking a clear direction or purpose. Rather than offering a meaningful exploration of complex themes, it resorts to shock value and gratuitous sexual content, which feels exploitative and unnecessary.

Visually, the film offers little to captivate the viewer. The cinematography is uninspired, and the lack of visual flair further contributes to the overall lackluster experience. The sound design is also unremarkable, failing to elevate the storytelling or create any sense of immersion.


Red Rocket Movie


Without any meaningful substance

“Red Rocket” is a film that indulges in its own mediocrity, failing to provide compelling characters, a coherent narrative, or thought-provoking commentary. It attempts to shock and titillate without any meaningful substance or artistic merit. Ultimately, it is a forgettable and disappointing film that falls far short of its potential.


My Rating: 3/10
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