The Nun II (2023)

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Dreadful Whispers: The Nun’s Return


Release date: 8 September 2023 (USA)
Genre: Horror/Mystery
Director: Michael Chaves
Cinematographer: Tristan Nyby
Budget: $38.5 million USD
Box office: $269.5 million USD


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In the dimly lit corridors of horror cinema, where shadows dance with fear and anticipation, Michael Chaves returns with his directorial prowess in a sequel that promises to send shivers down your spine. Building upon the eerie atmosphere of its predecessor, the second installment ventures deeper into the sinister origins of the enigmatic nun, weaving a tapestry of dread and mystery. As audiences brace themselves for another haunting encounter with the unknown, “The Nun II” beckons them into a realm where darkness lurks behind every corner and faith is tested against the forces of evil.


Unveiling the Mystery

One of the most intriguing aspects of “The Nun II” is its commitment to unravelling the enigma surrounding the titular character. As the narrative delves into the backstory of the sinister sister, layers of her past are peeled away, revealing a history fraught with malevolence and despair. Through deft storytelling and atmospheric cinematography, Chaves crafts a chilling tale that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, eager to uncover the truth lurking in the shadows.


Building Tension

In the realm of horror, tension is a currency more valuable than gold, and “The Nun II” knows how to spend it wisely. From the ominous whispers echoing through ancient hallways to the heart-pounding crescendo of dread, the film masterfully builds suspense with every frame. Whether it’s a subtle creak in the floorboards or a sudden gust of wind rattling the windows, each moment is infused with a palpable sense of unease that lingers long after the credits roll.


Visceral Horror

While “The Nun II” excels in its ability to evoke psychological terror, it’s not afraid to embrace the visceral thrills of traditional horror. With spine-tingling jump scares and ghastly imagery that sears itself into the mind’s eye, the film delivers its fair share of heart-pounding moments guaranteed to elicit a gasp or two from even the most seasoned horror aficionados. Yet, amidst the blood and gore, there’s a subtle elegance to Chaves’ direction, a restraint that allows the horror to simmer beneath the surface before erupting into nightmarish crescendos.


Character Dynamics

At the heart of “The Nun II” lies a cast of characters grappling with their own demons, both literal and metaphorical. From the determined investigator seeking to uncover the truth to the tormented souls ensnared in the nun’s web of darkness, each player brings depth and nuance to the unfolding drama. While some may find themselves drawn to the stoic resolve of the protagonist, others may find solace in the vulnerability of those caught in the nun’s malevolent embrace. It’s this rich tapestry of humanity that elevates the film beyond mere scares, inviting audiences to invest emotionally in the fates of its beleaguered protagonists.


Spectacular Setting

As with any good horror film, setting plays a crucial role in establishing the tone and atmosphere of “The Nun II.” From the imposing grandeur of the decaying abbey to the mist-shrouded forests that surround it, every location feels like a character in its own right, imbued with a sense of history and dread. It’s within these hallowed halls and forgotten crypts that the true horrors of the nun’s past come to light, casting a long shadow over the present and future alike.



In the murky depths of horror cinema, where frights abound and nightmares take shape, “The Nun II” stands as a testament to the genre’s enduring power to thrill and chill. While not without its flaws, including some pacing issues and occasional lapses in logic, the film ultimately delivers a satisfyingly sinister experience that will leave audiences both terrified and tantalised. Whether you’re a devout fan of the franchise or simply seeking a spine-tingling scare, “The Nun II” is sure to satisfy your craving for cinematic dread. So dim the lights, hold tight to your rosary beads, and prepare to confront the darkness lurking within.


My Rating: 5/10
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